The origin of this blog are my dreams. 


When I was younger, lots of years ago, I wanted to become a writer. And I wanted to travel. I always loved reading since it was a way of traveling from home. I wanted to have adventures, in real life and inside my imagination. I wanted to create fiction stories and meet imaginary characters.

I grow up and chose a different path, but I always kept dreaming about different places and cultures. When I was sixteen I spent one month in Ireland to learn English. That experience opened me the door to the world. The year after I went to England and one year later I went back to Ireland. By that time, I was sure I wanted to live abroad for a while. That wish came true and I obtained a scholarship to finish my studies in Sweden.

I spent two years in Sweden and then I went to France for eight years. I traveled every time I could during my holidays, but I never did a trip which was longer than two weeks. Finally, after ten years living abroad, I felt it was time to start the biggest adventure of my life: to travel around the world for one year. The trip started in November 2014 and it is still ongoing.


I forgot to introduce myself… my name is Laia

Colibrist is a blog created to share my travelling experiences from a personal point of view. I am convinced that the world is not as dangerous as we usually think, and that apart from the cultural differences, deep inside, we are all not so different, and we can all learn from each other.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Colibrist derives from the word "colibri", which means "humming bird" in several latin languages

Colibrist derives from the word colibri, which means humming bird in several latin languages

All photos in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated. You can use them but please link back.

I have created the logo using two images from pixabay.

Note: As you may have noticed, I’m not a native English speaker, so there might be some mistakes (and I might mix British and American English… sorry!). Corrections are welcome 🙂

You can contact me through this form. I am also available on Facebook and Twitter.

26 comments on “About
  1. Very best wishes for your big adventure how exciting! My younger daughter is also travelling by herself to the other side of the world (next week) to travel in Europe and “give living in London a go”. It’s a great opportunity for her although she does have a lot of family and friends living in the Uk which makes it easier for her. I’ll be very interested to read more about your future travels good luck with everything, kind regards Rosemary (Le Chic En Rose) 🙂

    • colibrist says:

      Thanks for your visit! My best wishes for you and for your daughter (living abroad might be difficult sometimes but it is a great experience). Happy travels and kind regards 🙂

  2. One more thing – thanks for visiting my blog too. Am glad you liked my “Railway Adventure” posts 🙂

  3. Hello there Laia! oh my gosh! i’m so excited for you. it’s been my longtime dream to travel the whole world too! I hope you can also visit my beloved country, the Philippines during your adventure! 😉

  4. jacksonjc9 says:

    Hello Laia! I had a good time going through your blog and I hope to read more of your adventures! I guess we both share the same philosophy of travelling and experiencing different cultures. Good luck 🙂

    • colibrist says:

      Hello Jackson! I went through your blog as well, and yes, I think we share similar views. I’ll keep following your adventures, good luck to you too 🙂

  5. bogdanem says:

    All the best with you great world journey and keep us informed in your blog!

  6. Laia ~ It’s great to e-meet you! I’m so excited to read this, what an amazing and adventurous spirit you have. Looking forward to reading more about your travels! 🙂
    ~ Andrea ❤

  7. Thanks for visiting our blog 🙂 which has brought us to yours! Sounds like our kind of blog to follow 🙂

    • colibrist says:

      I’m happy you like it, thanks for your visit! I’ll be following your Camino de Santiago (I’m from Barcelona and live in the South of France, and never did it…). Happy travels 🙂

  8. Haha, I meant to post that “message” as a comment! Anyhow, like I said, enjoy the journey. It is truly unforgettable!!! 😀

  9. It’s always nice to find somebody with similar worldview and motivations. I wish you good luck on your round-the-world journey and look forward to reading more of your experiences 🙂

    • colibrist says:

      Thank you! I will check your blog when I get some time and stable internet connection, always happy to connect to people with similar worldwiews 🙂
      Happy travels!

  10. I look forward to following your travel journey. From one traveler to another,
    Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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My name is Laia and I took a year-long sabbatical leave to travel around the world, alone and on a low budget. At the end of the trip I decided to move this blog to a new domain: dreamtravelgirl.com
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